Monitoring and Reporting Systems

Pathway is actively involved in monitoring fund investments. Pathway’s philosophy on monitoring a portfolio of investment funds is based on the view that active and diligent monitoring can enhance investors’ returns, protect their investment by reducing the occurrence of negative events in the portfolio, and enable investors to take advantage of the rights offered to them in the investment fund’s governing documents. Pathway’s monitoring and reporting systems are designed to accomplish several goals:

Accurately Assess Performance

The ultimate performance of any private equity investment cannot be known for many years; however, there are numerous indicators of performance that Pathway evaluates to track investments in the interim.

Diligently Confirm Compliance

Pathway’s investment and legal teams are experienced at monitoring general partners’ adherence to their stated strategies and to the primary terms set out in each limited partnership agreement. By utilizing its proprietary software and internally developed databases, Pathway is able to monitor compliance efficiently and accurately.

Effectively Manage Portfolio Holdings

Pathway’s experienced back-office team manages all aspects of a private market portfolio’s holdings, including capital calls and distributions and the liquidation of distributed public stocks. Pathway’s seasoned legal and investment teams negotiate partnership amendments and extensions. Additionally, Pathway has extensive experience taking over and monitoring investors’ existing private market portfolios.

Solidify Important Relationships

Pathway has long recognized the importance of establishing and building solid long-term relationships with top-tier private market firms. Pathway’s professionals maintain regular contact with fund managers and seek to provide guidance and assistance whenever possible. Pathway’s professionals also seek to solidify relationships by actively participating on advisory boards and valuation committees of investment funds.

Monitoring and Reporting Systems