Trusted and Experienced

Pathway is a leading private market fund-solutions provider for institutional investors worldwide. Pathway’s team of more than 125 individuals across four offices manages over $40 billion. With an average of more than 20 years of private market experience among its investment partners, Pathway believes it is one of the most experienced and stable firms in the industry.

Focused Business Model
Pathway is 100% partner owned and focused solely on investing in what it believes to be high-quality private market managers. As a private market specialist with no other lines of business, Pathway is devoted to the development of private market portfolios and strives to deliver exceptional returns and service to its investors.read more
Experienced and Stable Investment Team
Pathway believes that it is one of the most experienced and stable firms in the industry. Pathway’s Investment Committee has private market experience that spans four decades, and collectively, the firm’s 16 investment partners have, on average, more than 20 years of private market experience.read more
Access to Funds
Gaining access to high-quality private market managers has always been a key factor for success in private market investing. Pathway believes that access to high-quality managers can be gained only by establishing credibility and maintaining long-term relationships with these managers.read more
Investment Strategy
Pathway’s investment strategy has been developed, refined, and tested over more than 25 years. This strategy, which combines Pathway’s highly selective investment criteria and thorough investment process, enables the firm to identify what it believes to be high-quality opportunities.read more
Strong Investment Performance
Pathway has a strong long-term track record across a wide variety of private market strategies over various economic, interest rate, stock market, and industry cycles.read more

Pathway Highlights

Pathway Closes on $100 Million for Secondary Fund

Pathway is pleased to announce that in late December it held a final close for Pathway Secondaries Fund, LP (“PSF”), on $100 million from a single institutional investor. PSF will focus on identifying and…

Private Market Highlights

4Q16 Market Overview

The private equity industry delivered a solid showing overall in 2016, successfully navigating a market environment characterized by volatile financial markets, heightened geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty, and wildly oscillating investor…

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